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What is Measure?

Measure is industry-leading flooring estimation software. Measure handles estimating and layout of carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood flooring for projects of all sizes.

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How Measure Works

Measure provides all the tools you need to quickly create a precise flooring estimate in five steps:

Draw the Layout Define and Assign Materials Add Project Details Calculate the Estimate View Results and Print Reports

Draw the Layout. Draw the floor plan or surface using the computer mouse and powerful drawing tools. Or import drawings from graphics files (.pdf, .bmp, .tiff, Dodge files, CAD, etc.). You can also prepare a take-off from construction prints using a digitizer tablet.

  • Draw with mouse or keypad entry
  • Draw using predefined shapes. Create your own additional shapes
  • Draw holes, arcs, and curves
  • Import graphics files and trace with mouse. Import PDF, Dodge plans, BMP, TIFF, JPG, GIF, and more
  • Import AutoCAD DWG, DXF and DWF, including multi-page plans
  • Project Explorer shows key details
  • Interview Wizard for step-by-step basic estimating
  • Use BLUETOOTH® enabled Leica DISTO™ laser distance meter and draw directly in Measure
  • Use digitizer tablet to trace drawings and draw in Measure
  • Import from scanner

Define and Assign Materials. Create or import product information, including description, color, size and price. Assign materials to each part of the floor plan or surface. Standard materials lists can be shared between projects.

  • Define project materials or import from RFMS system
  • Handles carpet and roll goods, carpet tiles, ceramic tile, laminate, wood
  • Import materials from previous projects
  • Any project can become a template
  • Add-on materials

Add Project Details. Add transitions (i.e. doors), stairs, borders and walls. Define add-on materials (e.g. carpet pad, adhesive) and labor so that no costs are overlooked. Create custom tile patterns.

  • Create transitions
  • Create stairs
  • Add borders and walls
  • Use checklist to prevent overlooked details
  • Create custom tile patterns

Calculate the Estimate. Measure calculates material quantity and cost. Seams are automatically created and cuts are placed on carpet roll for maximum efficiency. You can flexibly adjust the results.

  • Measure creates seams automatically
  • Add, move delete seams as needed
  • Change lay direction
  • Set seam start location
  • Flip seams in room
  • Set pattern start and align patterns between rooms
  • Move cuts on roll
  • Two tile calculation methods—tile count or net area

View Results and Print Reports. Display the Worksheet to see costs by material or room. Print seam layout and cut diagrams for installers. Display in 3D, pan, zoom and rotate.

  • Worksheet
  • Seam diagram
  • Cut layout
  • 3D display
  • Scene Editor

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