Sales Pro Mobile

Collect client information and more at the palm of your hand

Sales Pro Mobile

Sales Pro Mobile by RFMS allows you to enter contact information, create a sales lead record, perform flooring product look-up and selections, and generate a quote with a measure date from an iPad, iPhone, Android or any other mobile electronic device.

Sales Pro Mobile is designed to completely integrate with the RFMS suite of business management products. No other mobile app for the flooring industry is as integrated.

The value of Sale Pro Mobile is found in the ease of use and portability of data. In today’s economy, generating sales leads can be very expensive and time consuming. A flooring business must take full advantage of every opportunity when it walks through the door. This mobile application by gives that advantage by allowing your sales staff to immediately begin the data collection from your potential customer.

Integration is a key value component of any computer system and Sales Pro Mobile is designed to be your staffing data entry process. From this SINGLE point of entry, the data flows through the system without the need for duplicate entries.

Because Sales Pro Mobile is a part of the RFMS suite of software programs, many core features of RFMS are used – product pricing formulas, customer information, domain security and many more.

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  • Completely Integrates with RFMS
  • Focuses on the very start of the sales process
  • Greet the customer and capture valuable sales and marketing data on the spot
  • Cloud-based data storage, access your data from anywhere an internet connection can be made
  • Quickly lookup products and generate a quote
  • Captured data is automatically populate customer contact database, Quotes module, Order Entry and Client Management Module