Bid Pro

Streamline your bidding process


RFMS Bid Pro eliminates the drudgery of hand bids and estimates. Bid Pro was designed with the unique estimating and bidding needs of floor covering operations. As an added plus, Bid Pro is integrated with RFMS Order Entry and RFMS Products to eliminate unnecessary data entry duplication.

Builder Projects
  • Use RFMS Measure to import floor plans and calculate areas
  • Export to Bid Pro to show “allowed” vs. “upgrade”
  • After a selection sheet is received and products adjusted, the bid is exported to Order Entry (add-ons, overages, upgrades) and Schedule Pro (installation scheduling)
Commercial Projects
  • Use RFMS Measure for plan takeoffs and creating layouts
  • Export to Bid Pro to illustrate actual costs and apply appropriate profit margins
  • After bid is awarded, export to Order Entry to capture a Job Cost Baseline for future reference and tracking
Multi-Family Projects
  • Use RFMS Measure to create templates of floor plans
  • Export to Bid Pro to create templates for all floor plans with available options
  • When a unit installation is requested, export the particular line items to create a bid
  • Print the bid as a PDF and email to management company for issuance of PO. Once received, export bid to RFMS Order Entry for inventory procurement, work order and pick ticket for staging and installation
Effective Bidding = more profits

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  • Enable your estimators to be more productive by automating manual bidding tasks
  • Easily and quickly re-calculate bids to accommodate add-ons and change orders
  • Stay organized by using the Product database, detailed reporting and easy-to-use interface
  • Achieve higher success rates in the bids you submit, increased profitability in the jobs you win and greater control over your entire business
  • Create re-usable templates & estimates
  • Track allowed vs. actual
  • Create sub-estimates for multiple bids on the same project
  • Create overages when exporting to Order Entry
  • Import Measure documents into Bid Pro