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Manage your most valuable asset – INVENTORY. The Inventory and Purchase Order modules are interfaced with Order Entry, Accounts Payable and the General Ledger which ensures consistency in physical counts as well as financial data. Inventory may be transferred between stores or locations within your company. Never has controlling inventory been so simple or precise.

The Inventory and Purchase order modules are completely engineered to seamlessly integrate with B2B ECommerce technology. Buying and receiving inventory has never been easier with software that takes full advantage of today’s technology.

  • Handles all categories of inventory.
  • Allows you to sell roll inventory by the yard and track by linear feet.
  • Maintains complete inventory history on each roll and item.
  • Traces to whom inventory was sold, how much, and when.
  • Allows unassigning of inventory to be used on another job.
  • Maintains a product history file including profit percentage.
  • Automatically assigns inventory and cost factors to customer order.
  • Generates reports on value of inventory for a requested period.
  • Creates purchase orders for both stock and special orders.
  • Purchase orders may automatically be generated from within order entry.
  • Integrates with cutting machines.
Inventory Control

Protect your most valuable asset.

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